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This is so delightfully silly and can be used for the humilation of your friends and colleague much to the amusement of you. Here is a complaint about The Generator Blog - (as if)

Why do we put up with The Generator Blog? What in perdition does The Generator Blog think it's doing? And how can The Generator Blog provide irresponsible conspiracies with the necessary asylum to take root and spread and then turn around and shed tears for those who got hurt as a result? This letter is not the place to explore the answers to those questions. Its purpose is instead to take up the mantle and compile readers' remarks and suggestions and use them to purge the darkness from The Generator Blog's heart. The first thing I want to bring up is that Lysenkoism is dangerous. The Generator Blog's irascible version of it is doubly so.

Because we have the determination to see the truth prevail, we must never forget that The Generator Blog says it's going to sell quack pharmaceutical supplies (and you should be suspicious whenever you hear such tell-tale words and phrases as "breakthrough", "miracle", "secret remedy", "exclusive", and "clinical studies prove that...") within a short period of time. Good old The Generator Blog. It just loves to open its mouth and let all kinds of things come out without listening to how balmy they sound. Prudence is no vice. Cowardice -- especially The Generator Blog's repugnant form of it -- is. Some self-aggrandizing toughies have raised objections to my witticisms, but their objections are all politically motivated. We must face the fact that The Generator Blog has never gotten ahead because of its hard work or innovative ideas. Rather, all of The Generator Blog's successes are due to kickbacks, bribes, black market double-dealing, outright thuggery, and unsavory political intrigue. In closing, I consider this letter to be required reading for everyone who still cares that The Generator Blog's declamations are contrary to international human rights and humanitarian standards. Unfortunately, with our nation's media being as controlled as it is, there's no way that this letter will be widely publicized. Therefore, I'm counting on you to pass on this letter to all of your e-mail contacts. Thank you.
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