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  Fake Identity Generator
This is a slightly strange generator - allowing you to create an alter ego or fake personal details. I suppose this might have it's uses, unfortunately all of them probably illegal. Here is my new random life - I am off to start living it - you can call me Spence.

Spencer R. Pollard
16 Henley Road

Email Address:

Phone: 077 4297 5045
Mother's maiden name: Burrows
Birthday: April 16, 1943

MasterCard: 537 903 300 998 372
Expires: 5/2008
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  Random Quote Generators
Loads of random quote sites here - something for everyone - my favorite is the "spaced" one :) - excellent.

The Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the Coen Brothers movie starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, and Steve Buscemi. Money, mistakes, nihilism, and, of course, bowling.

Jackie Brown Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the Quentin Tarantino movie starring Pam Grier.

JC Chasez Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the pop superstar, JC Chasez.

Kill Your Boyfriend Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the comic book by Grant Morrison, Philip Bond, D'Israeli, and Daniel Vozzo. "Boy meets Girl. Girl falls for Boy. Boy takes Girl on violent rampage through English suburb. Murder, sex, drugs, and anarchy follow."

Oz Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's a werewolf, he's a in a band, he's the quietest guy you know.

Spaced Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the Simon Pegg & Jessica Stevenson sitcom. Two friends, a flat, their weird neighbors and friends, and more geek references than you can blink at.

Velvet Goldmine Random Quote Generator
Random quotes from the Todd Haynes movie starring Ewan MacGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Toni Collette, Christian Bale, and Eddie Izzard. Fame, fortune, glamour, nostalgia, murder, mayhem, and the end of an era.

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  Evil Clown Face Generator
Nobody (apart from very odd people) likes clowns. They are frightening - I blame Stephen King's IT. This is a scary clown generation tool that allows custom clowns to be made or ones randomised at the touch of a button. This is my nightmarish creation - he is coming to get you when you sleep - mwuhahahaha

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  Ninja Text Generator
If you are like me - you will have a childish love of all things ninja or ninja related. This is an excellent webpage logo generator which involves a tiny wee ninja carving out your logo title with his little tiny sword - aww - sweet - and whats more the file size is REALLY TINY for an animated gif.

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  Dummies Book Cover Generator
If you know and love the "For Dummies (tm)" series of books then this generator is for you. Bung in a couple of lines of text and it designs your very own dummies front cover - excellent for humiliating your friends and family.

FOR DUMMIES® is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.
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  Highway Sign Generator
Create your own amusing Highway Sign with this classic site.

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  Euphemism Generator
Looking for a way of expressing something in a dirty and yet not dirty way - then you need a Euphemistic term. The Euphemism Generator can create up to 245,829,668 unique phrases! Here is the one I got - I am now going to grab my telephone and try and introduce it into polite conversation with my great aunt.

This is not an appropriate place for

laminating the purple captain.

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  Image Mosaic Generator
As they say on this site - "If a picture is worth a thousand words an image mosaic is worth a billion words!". You can upload a picture and it will generate a mosiac artwork from flickr photos - the file is big so here is a small sample and a close up of some of the images.

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  Photofit Face Generator
This is a flash based photo-fit (efit) face generator. So you can create a realistic interpretation of your lovely mug. Here is one I did of me - Note to self: lose the moustache - hmmmm.

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  Official Seal Generator
The Official Seal Generator allows you to Enter some text, choose a border and an emblem, pick your colors, and click the 'Go' button. An Official Seal is generated for you. Collect 'em, trade 'em, put 'em on your website, or e-mail 'em to your friends. Fantastic Fun.
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  Warning Label Generator
Create your own serious or amusing warning signs using the online Warning Label Generator.

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  Welcome to the world of online generation software
This blog links to fantastic creative site around the globe that allow you - my honoured guest - to generate all kinds of fun, practical, silly but above all AMAZING things.

Still confused - read some of our posts and we hope you enjoy them.

This site is part of the KiTT NeT Community, bringing fun back to the internet. Updated daily.

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This is a blog of generators; web applications that generate (make, produce, create) something in your web browser for your entertainment. This site updated daily and is a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy it as much as I love writing it

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